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Why UK Homeschool?

  • 01

    UK Homeschool students have the right to apply to universities in the UK, the United States and throughout Europe without an examination at the end of their high school education.

  • 02

    Since this programme has a flexible education system, it is easy to complete and execute with the existing national curriculum.

  • 03

    With various Achievement Tests, taken during the year, teachers are able to track the development of students.

  • 04

    The UK Homeschool programme has been devised online. It also supports to the syllabus with source publications.

  • 05

    A supervisor/tutor is assigned to each student. This programme also allows teachers to develop themselves through in-service training.

  • 06

    Students have the opportunity to use their skills in the projects they have prepared and the tests they applied.

  • 07

    Students will have the opportunity to practise their English skills.

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